The Troth

Work of a Troth Steward

Stewards work to build the Troth from the bottom up, starting by providing information to individuals who are interested in The Troth or in heathenry generally. They may also help heathens find each other, start kindreds if they wish, and create opportunities for local kindreds to get together with each other or organize regional meetings. The work of the Steward in this web is bringing together threads of individuals and kindreds. He or she must be familiar with the Troth members and kindreds in his or her area, and also must know the other heathen organizations who are willing to work with the Troth. Having strong ties to the broader heathen community local to the Steward is also highly recommended.

A listing of all the current and proposed stewards is inside the back cover of each Idunna. Please feel free to contact your state Steward (if there is one for your area) about Asatru, the Troth, and/or heathens in your area. If you receive no reply, please email the High Steward as he or she can answer you as well.

All Stewards work together on a Steward email list forum. We exchange information on what activities are useful and which do not work, regional differences and commonalities, and methods of working with new Asatruars, Troth members, and local area heathens who are not Troth members. All Stewards are required to post a report on their activities before the end of each quarter. Posting them to the Steward email list forum helps us inspire one another and give us new ideas for activities. Stewards who live locally to one another are encouraged to share with one another as best suits their area needs, and all Stewards are encouraged to develop relationships with their fellow Stewards beyond the Steward email list forum if they wish to.

Stewards are encouraged to discuss issues relevant to Troth operations and provide ideas, proposals, questions and concerns that the High Steward can then take to the High Rede for discussion. Stewards are also encouraged to be the voices for their areas, and present the High Steward or the High Rede with matters concerning the Troth and its relationship with local groups. The High Steward will carry Steward and member concerns to the Rede, as well as relevant Rede matters to the Stewards. The High Steward serves a term of three years, and is elected by the Stewards from within the Steward Program.

General questions from Troth-Contact emails are forwarded to the appropriate Steward or the High Steward who then contacts the person who has the question. We strive for a very quick response time.

When a new person joins the Troth or a member renews their membership, the information is forwarded to the appropriate Steward for that area (or the High Steward). The Steward will then write to the person and provide information, material and contacts, as needed via email. Stewards should also be familiar with the Troth’s website operations and be able to assist members who have issues or direct them to the person who can help them with joining, renewing, or changing their information in the database. Stewards should have some familiarity with Troth operations as a whole, in order to answer more general questions as needed.

The Steward Program members are working on materials for new Troth members. As the Troth’s Members’ Only Access area of the website is integrated and content-completed, members will be able to search and retrieve information themselves. Stewards should be familiar with these processes and able to answer simple questions about website information availability, and be able to send questions to the appropriate officers for the best possible response.

We also have a number of fliers available for use, many of them written by current and former Stewards, which will eventually be located on the Troth website. (They are currently to be found on the The Troth Blog and can also be requested from the High Steward) As the Steward Program progresses with the Troth’s website capabilities, more Steward-authored content should become available to the membership and non-members interested in the Troth or heathenry in general.

Stewards need to have good people skills, enjoy talking to new heathens, and collect and distribute information about heathens and kindreds in their area. They should also be organized and detail-oriented. They may attend or even organize local and regional heathen gatherings to make the Troth more visible to all. Due to the often sensitive nature of information learned by Stewards, discretion is required for anyone entering the Steward Program. Stewards have a great deal of autonomy in their areas, and serve both as resources for their local community and as the literal “face” of The Troth in their areas. As such, Stewards should conduct themselves in a grithful and frithful manner in all public situations.

Stewards serve a three-year term, beginning at the first Trothmoot that occurs after their confirmation as Steward and ending three Trothmoots thereafter. As an example, a Steward confirmed in January 2012 would be in place as of that time, but would take their oath at Trothmoot 2012, in June. That person remains as Steward until Trothmoot 2015. During their terms, Stewards must remain active members of The Troth, and any Steward who fails to renew his or her membership within three months (one fiscal quarter) of the membership expiration date will be considered as having resigned his or her position. Stewards may resign at any time and for any reason. Additionally, Stewards may serve extra terms in their area if they and their local communities want them to continue in the role.

If you are interested in becoming a Steward, please contact me at

In frith and fellowship,

Su Eaves, High Steward

Orig. Author: Birgit Knorr

Updated 5/23/07: Patricia Lafayllve

Updated 1/09: Victoria Clare

Updated 6/11: Phyllis Steinhauser