The Troth

Kindred Affiliation Program Application

The Troth Kindred Affiliation Membership Application

Please complete all of the following. Use complete sentences whenever applicable. All applicants must have a minimum of two Full Members of The Troth (member for at least one year) as full members of the kindred.

Part One: Identification

  1. Name of Kindred
  2. Location of Kindred
  3. Street Address:
  4. Names (first, last) of Troth members:
  5. When did they join the Troth (month/year)?
  6. Phone Number:
  7. Kindred Website:
  8. Email Address(es):
  9. Do you now hold/have you ever held any offices in The Troth (ie Steward, Clergy, Rede, etc)? Yes/No
  10. If Yes, what office(s) and when?

Part Two: Intent

Please answer this question in complete sentences and/or paragraphs. Use no more than one page for your answer. Please keep your text single-spaced and use a font no smaller than 11. Times New Roman or Arial font preferred.

  1. Why is your kindred seeking to join the Kindred Affiliation Program?

Part Three: References and availability

This section is to assess your kindred prior to its acceptance into the kindred affiliation program. The Troth must ensure that it is protecting itself from political and pagan influences in policy making.

  1. Is your kindred re-applying under the new rules?
  2. Do all members or a majority of your kindred consent to be affiliated with the Troth?
  3. Please in brief tell us about your Kindred (number of members, organization, etc.):
  4. Is you kindred a member of any other national organizations (i.e. AFA, Odinic Rite, Asatru Alliance)?
  5. If applicable are your kindred by-laws or mission statement compatible to the Troth’s by-laws?
  6. Is there any Troth affiliated kindred or Troth members that would speak on your kindred behalf?
  7. If so, please submit references:
  8. Can a representative of your kindred attend Troth Moot on a regular basis?

When complete, please email this application, a copy of your kindred bylaws and / or mission statement as an attachment to the KAP Coordinator. The current KAP Coordinator is David Ballard. His email is:

Thank you for your time and interest.