The Troth

The High Rede

  • Steersman: Steven T Abell
  • Assistant Steersman: Rob Lusch-Schreiwer

Rede Members:

  • David Carron
  • Lagaria Farmer
  • Dennis Ford
  • John T Mainer
  • Lisa Morgenstern
  • Tanya Peterson
  • Hrafn Skald

The High Rede may consist of as few as three and as many as nine members. All High Rede positions are elected by Full Members of The Troth; the Steersperson is appointed by the members of the High Rede after a general election is held. The Assistant Steersperson is appointed by the High Rede and must be a standing Rede member. All High Rede members serve three-year terms, and may be re-elected.

Updated 09/11/14