The Troth

Lore Program Application

The Troth Lore Program
Membership Application

Please complete all of the following. Use complete sentences whenever applicable. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers – the questions are designed to let us know where you stand in your studies. "All applicants must be Full Members of The Troth (member for at least one year) and must have passed the test for the Introduction to Heathenism Course.

Part One: Identification

1) Name (first, middle, last):
2) Troth Name/Heathen Name (if any):
3) Street Address:
4) Phone Number:
5) Cell Phone (if you have one):
6) Email Address(es):
7) When did you join the Troth (month/year)?
8) Do you now hold/have you ever held any offices in The Troth (ie Steward, Clergy, Publications, Rede, etc)? Yes/No
9) If Yes, what office(s) and when?

Part Two: Intent

Please answer this question in complete sentences and/or paragraphs. Use no more than one page for your answer. Please keep your text single-spaced and use a font no smaller than 11. Times New Roman or Times font preferred.

1) Why are you seeking to join the Lore Program?

Part Three: Prior Knowledge/Experience

This section is to assess your knowledge upon entering the Lore Program. While the Lore Program is, essentially, a course of individual study, it is helpful to have a baseline for all applicants. Please note that scholastic achievement is NOT required for entry into the Lore Program.

1) Highest Level of Education Achieved:
2) Undergraduate Major (if any): Name of School/College: Date of Graduation (if applicable):
3) Graduate/Post-Graduate Major (if any): Name of School/College: Date of Graduation (if applicable):
4) Please list any relevant online course(s) you have completed (ie Asatru-U, The Troth’s Introductory Course, etc). Include web site link, date of completion, and any applicable certification:
5) Please list all relevant source materials that you own. Include author and translator’s names, edition, annotated, facing-page, etc. as applicable:
6) Please list all relevant source materials that you have read. This can include magazines of a scholarly nature as well as books, etc. Include author and translator names, type of edition, etc. as applicable:
7) Have you completed the Troth's Introduction to Heathenism Course and passed the corresponding test?
8) Are you familiar with MLA 6th edition format for scholarly papers?
9) Finally: Please list any personal education/experience relevant to the Lore Program:

Part Four: Writing Sample
Please include a 3-5 page (double spaced) non-fiction writing sample. This can be on any topic you wish, related to heathenry or not. MLA format is preferred but not required. A Works Cited/Bibliography page is required if you have directly quoted any material not your own.
We will examine this paper with an eye toward expressing and defending a clear argument. The opinions expressed, the topic discussed, etc. are not relevant. Rather, we are looking to assess your baseline writing skills.

When complete, please email this application as an attachment to the Provost at

Thank you, and good luck!