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BOLD FACE Indicates Lore Program Required Reading (though not all books in bold are required, as there is some choice in what may be read – e.g. multiple translations of the Eddas)


Note: This bibliography is presented to The Troth’s members as a resource for their own studies. It represents the current list of books cited by the Lore Program for its students. It is by no means exhaustive – scholarship never is. At the same time, some of these works are controversial, or contain errors. This is also the nature of published scholarship, and while the Lore Program has done its best to weed out the more egregious works, a listing here should NOT indicate that Lore Program members necessarily agree with its work, nor that it is infallible. Critical thinking is an essential part of scholarship, so there are works here which require that skill to navigate. Finally, no bibliography such as this should ever be considered final – it is the intention of the Lore Program to update this bibliography as new books are published, books are rendered obsolete, and so forth.


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