The Troth
Trothmoot 2016
June 9-June 12
Fort Flagler Retreat Center
10541 Flagler Road
Nordland, WA 98358

(Cabin camping only)

Hello, everyone!

It's nearly time for Trothmoot 2016, so we have taken down the online registration forms. Don't worry, at this one we /will/ take on-site registration for day passes and attendance at the whole moot.


A preliminary draft of the program is available, attached. Please be advised that this is a /draft/ and program events may change at any time!

Directions to the Site

Several people have asked us about directions to Fort Flagler and Camp Hoskins. [The park's own website | ] gives a street address of 10541 Flagler Rd, Nordland, WA 98358. Putting this into a navigation program will get you most of the way to the site. [More precise directions | ] can be found by searching for "Camp Hoskins - Fort Flagler State Park".

You MUST stop at Registration to get your Discovery Pass (parking pass), or your car may be ticketed or towed. You will also need to register and sign a waiver.

The park is at the end of a peninsula that guards the entrance to Puget Sound. As such, folk who are driving will either be coming from Port Townsend and north, from Seattle, or from Tacoma. All of these routes converge in Port Hadlock-Irondale, the closest town to the site. Port Hadlock has a big grocery store (QFC, a regional chain) and a hardware store (True Value), all along WA 116 (Ness' Corner Road/Oak Bay Road), so this is an excellent place to stock up on last-minute supplies!

From the QFC at WA 116 and Chimacum Road, head EAST on WA 116 (signs may point to Fort Flagler State Park, or to Nordland--both are accurate). There will be a Kitsap Bank on your left and a Bank of America on your right.

Just outside of Port Hadlock (0.9 mi/1.5 km), WA 116 East will turn left, with signs pointing to Nordland and Fort Flagler.

LEFT to remain on WA 116 East, which will now also be called Flagler Road.

Flagler Road will cross over a short bridge to Indian Island. Bear right to remain on Flagler Road/WA 116 E. After another bridge, you will be on Marrowstone Island, and ultimately you will pass through the town of Nordland, or Marrowstone. The Nordland General Store will be on your right and another excellent source of camping supplies, groceries, beer, and wine. It will also be the last place you can stop before reaching the state park. Shortly after passing Nordland General Store, you will be inside the boundaries of Fort Flagler State Park.

Once inside the park, there will be a stop sign at the top of a rise. Go STRAIGHT through this stop sign. There is a park sign that may confuse you into turning left or right--don't. Go straight ahead. After the stop sign, the road will turn left and pass by the park offices. Once you have passed the park offices, the converted barracks will be plainly visible on your right. Follow signs to registration.

Alcohol and Marijuana

For our more eastern and Canadian attendees, you should know that Washington, like most western states, allows its grocery stores to have full liquor licenses.

Washington is one of four states that have legalized recreational marijuana. It may only be purchased in licensed dedicated establishments, but these are easy to find in almost any town large enough to have a grocery store. These tend to be cash-only establishments, and yes, there is some in Port Hadlock. Please follow the same sort of rules and consideration for marijuana use that you would for tobacco use: outdoors only, and only after checking if anyone nearby would have an allergic reaction to the smoke. As with alcohol, be aware of your limits and intake.

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Your Trothmoot Organizing Team - Lorrie, Dara, Staci, and John