Troth Special Funds


The Troth has a number of special budgetary funds that are earmarked for specific projects and needs. As a member, you have the option of directing $5.00 of your membership donation to be earmarked for one of these funds. This is totally voluntary.

Donations to the funds may be conducted at any time by check or by PayPal. When renewing, you may also wish to divert $5 of your membership dues to one of the funds. Please drop a note to us at Thank you for your support of our community efforts!

Fund Description: 

Donations made to this drive will be given to a charitable organization(s) with 501(c)3 status which are providing medical care or supplies to fight the spread of COVID-19, or ancillary care to those affected by the pandemic (such as shelter for the homeless, tests for those who have been exposed to the virus, and financial assistance for the unemployed). Drive ends June 1, 2020 or when national emergency is lifted (whichever comes first).