Troth Special Funds


The Troth has a number of special budgetary funds that are earmarked for specific projects and needs. As a member, you have the option of directing $5.00 of your membership donation to be earmarked for one of these funds. This is totally voluntary.

Donations to the funds may be conducted at any time by check or by PayPal. When renewing, you may also wish to divert $5 of your membership dues to one of the funds. Please drop a note to us at Thank you for your support of our community efforts!

Fund Description: 

The horror of the murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue has shaken the nation, leaving many of us to wonder how we may help. Two of the victims of this shooting, brother Cecil and David Rosenthal, were personal acquaintances of members of the Pittsburgh-area Hearth of Yggdrasil. An appropriate way to honor these victims would be to support the agency that supported them over many years. This agency, Achieva, assists residents with special needs. It is the only facility in southwestern Pennsylvania that provides lifelong supports. Cecil and David Rosenthal played an active part of the Achieva community, and it is appropriate to hold a drive to provide a donation to Achieva in their honor.

Donations may be made either here via The Troth's Red Hammer or on the Achieva website directly.