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Inclusion Affirmation Statement


Amended February 8, 2016

On February 2, 2017, the High Rede (Board of Directors) of The Troth has implemented the following motion:


News from the Shope

Wassail, y’all. . .


Unity of Purpose, Diversity of View


Standing Against Hate

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.  All that is required for extremism to fail is to stand up to hate.  Stand up and refuse to hate, stand up and refuse to fear.  Do this, and the extremists of whatever brand, cannot win.



Sacred Space Conference 2017

Sacred Space Conference 2017
March 9-12, 2017 
Hunt Valley Inn
Hunt Valley, MD


New Website!

Hail The Troth!


The Story of Mistletoe

There are many myths that surround the Yuletide.  One of the oldest is that of the death of Baldur.  The main myth cycle is dramatic and the focus of much song and poetry, but inside the larger myth are a number of lesser stories also worth telling.  One of those is the story of Mistletoe, the plant that was at the heart of the murder of Baldur, whose small but tragic part bears examination in its own.  This is a tale of consequences and forgiveness, of love and redemption.


A Tale of Santa

When I became a Heathen parent, the question of how I was to treat the holdiays became a critical one to answer.  My children were raised in a Heathen household, yet went to public schools in a society that was largely current or post Christian, so at least socialize with largely Western Christian traditions, even if fairly secularized in practice.  Now I could demand we ignore the world and do things our way, and isolate my children, or I could choose to bridge the gap.  What we in the west celebrate is mostly Yule already.


Standing Together


Today, many Heathens are posting this video to express our solidarity with the Standing Rock protesters, and I would like to share my personal sentiments as well.

The opening of the video makes a reference to the forces of nature, personified in the giant troll women, turning against King Frothi for his unjust leadership, thereby bringing down his kingdom.


Standing with Standing Rock

November 23, many Heathens will be posting this to their timeline to show support for the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock.



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