International Relations and Exchange Program (IREP)

The Troth's International Relations and Exchange Program (IREP) was formed to:

* facilitate and participate in international discussion, collaboration, and frith-building among inclusive Asatru/Heathen groups around the world

* support Troth members outside the US

* engage in interfaith dialogue and promote interreligious harmony

* promote and support inclusive Heathenry

To accomplish these efforts we have:

Co-hosted Frith Forge an international frith building conference among inclusive Asatru/Heathen organizations and individuals. Held in Werder/Petzow GERMANY. October 2017. Frith Forge 2017 was directly followed by a Heathen sacred sites tour of GermanyOctober 8-14, 2017. We are hopeful to host additional Frith Forges every three or four years or so. 

We also co-sponsor a booth at The Parliament of World’s Religions in collaboration with Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry. We had strong representation at the 2018 Parliament in Toronto Canada. 

If interested in volunteering for IREP or participating in this program in another way, please contact me at We have an IREP Facebook discussion group that you may ask to join by contacting me

Amanda Leigh-Hawkins
Program Coordinator
The Troth's International Relations and Exchange Program