Lore Program

About the Troth’s Lore Program!

The Troth's Lore program offers students an in-depth examination of the historical sources of Germanic religion (the “Lore”) and their scholarly interpretations. A community of other students, Provost and Deans exists for advice and support.

The Heathen Essentials module is the gateway to the Lore Program. It based on The Elder Troth: An Introductory Course of Study, written by The Troth’s Warder of the Lore, Kveldulf Gundarsson. It is self-paced. Just follow along.

After passing the Heathen Essentials test, a Full Troth Member may then enter the Lore Program proper. For more information about the Lore Program, please contact the Provost, Tom "Fjölnirsvin," at lore@thetroth.org.