The Troth offers many ways to shop for merchandise, books, t-shirts, publications, and swag. Below you can find all our items on sale with clickable links to take you directly to our merchant sites.

If you have any questions about Troth merchandise, please contact the Merchandising Coordinator at, and we will be glad to assist!

Troth Zazzle Merchandise Store link

You can find all kinds of Troth swag at our Zazzle store,! T-shirts, water bottles, tote bags, sweatshirts, mousepads, and even Yule cards! If you can't find a Troth-branded item you'd like, email the Troth Merchandising Team, and we'll put something together for you!

Also keep an eye out for coupons and specials, posted both here on the page and to our Facebook Group (for members), or to social media. Using online coupons can sometimes save you up to 20% on any Zazzle items!

Troth Fundraiser Merchandise

The Troth also sells special items as fundraisers for the organization, allowing us to spread Heathenry, educate, and serve the greater good. We have embroidered patches, pins, and combination bottle opener/flashlights available via mail order from our Pennsylvania office.

Troth Ceramic Pin :: 1" x 1" in full color - $12 + $1.50 Shipping/Handling

Troth Combo Bottle Opener and Flashlight :: $3 + $1.75 Shipping/Handling

Troth Embroidered Patch :: 2.5" diameter in full color :: $1 + $1.00 Shipping/Handling

For more information on how to order the above items, please email us at We can provide you with payment and shipping details, and process your order.

Troth Publications Merchandise

The Troth publishes Idunna quarterly, and also publishes books by members and valued authors who write about the Northern traditions. You can purchase physical copies of Idunna and also e-versions (PDFs) from our Lulu site as well as hard-cover, soft-cover, and electronic versions of most Troth books.

Merchandise at Troth Local (PA) Store

If you find yourself in the Philadelphia area, you can find Troth publications at A New Vibration! Click on the banner above for directions (Google Maps), and say hello to these amazing merchants! They are located at:

22 N Blackhorse Pike
Blackwood, NJ 08012